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● Improved Gas mileage
● Increased overall performance
● Faster acceleration, free spinning hubs can free up 30hp – 35hp, Free power?
● Decreased stopping distance, better braking performance
● Improved steering feel—The steering gear is not fighting the spinning stub shaft
● Instantly gain all the advantages of a 2WD vehicle
● Durability—The front axle drive train wear is decreased to near zero
● Cost savings—replacing parts is eliminated or decreased substantially

TRM hubs were created to give drivers the power to decide between 4-wheel drive or 2-wheel drive. Factory splined hubs force the front drive train components to spin constantly, 100% of the time. Locking hubs allow drivers to disengage the front wheels preventing all movement; obviously increases the lifespan of the front drive train and all its components. When the hubs are in the free position the front axle is completely disengaged and can now act as a true 2-wheel drive.

TRM locking hubs give drivers the performance of a 2WD vehicle while also allowing the capabilities of a 4WD vehicle when necessary. When the hubs are in the locked position the vehicle will act as a 4WD vehicle and the front drive train is engaged. Remember most 4-wheel drives are used less than 1/10 of 1% during the life of the vehicle, 100,000 miles x .01 x .1 = 100 miles!


Locking hubs provide drivers all the benefits and performance of a 2WD vehicle while also allowing 4WD capabilities. Locking hubs allow a 4WD vehicle to act as a 2WD vehicle when the hubs are unlocked.

All performance parameters of a 4WD vehicle increase when in free spin mode. Everyone knows 2WD’s have faster acceleration, better braking and better gas mileage. Undisputed simple facts.

Safety & ABS

All 4WD vehicles without locking hubs can be stranded in the event of a broken front axle component, NOT SO with locking hubs turned to free spin mode often allow people to drive home.

All Ram Man manual locking hubs maintain all ABS functions, period.


TRM locking hubs were created to prevent wasteful destruction of the entire front drive train and transmissions and transfer cases. Many people have experienced both transmission and transfer case explosions resulting from the constant front driveshaft rotation. The factory splined hub design forces the entire front drive train to turn 100% of the time causing extreme wear to the front drive shaft CV joint.

If the tires are turning it’s turning. This constant wear and tear on the front drive train is unnecessary and can result in expensive repairs, well over $10,000. When the hubs are in the free position the vehicle’s front drive train remains motionless and the front wheels spin freely. Installing TRM’s locking hubs protects the following parts of the front drive train:

● Transmission
● Transfer case
● Front axle bearings
● Stub shaft u-joints
● Front axle seals
● Front axle ring and pinions
● Front drive shaft u-joints
● Front drive shaft
● Front drive shaft constant velocity joints
● Transfer case gears
● Transfer case front seals